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The Lawrence Welk Show: The Merry Christmas Tree

Here’s Lawrence Welk’s Junior Band along with Janet, Brian and Cubby on vocals! (1958)

The Lawrence Welk Show: Nobody

Rocky Rockwell sang a few lyrics of this song over the phone yesterday so I searched and finally found this great clip. Cubby O` Brien is also included here. Enjoy! (1959)

The Lawrence Welk Show: Chinatown

Here’s Jack Imel, Bo Wagner and Cubby O’Brien! (1960)

The Lawrence Welk Show: Dippermouth Blues

Jimmy Henderson, George Thow, Russ Klein, Don Bonnee and Johnny Klein perform. Notice: Cubby O`Brien dancing in the audience with Karen Pendleton from the Original Mickey Mouse Club! (1960)

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  • Jim:

    Hi Cubby,

    I remember seeing an old black & white kinescope of you doing a solo on a double bass set of Rogers drums in what I think was the green & red plaid finish. I think it may have been an old mickey mouse club clip shown on a Disney archive memoire. I remember it being quite impressive. Do you have a copy of that clip or know of where I might find it? I’d love to see it again. Thanks!

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