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The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson
Monday, November 5, 1973
very special guests: Carpenters

3 Responses to “Carpenters”

  • Dear Cubby, you can’t imagine how exited I am because I found this page, and since I was a loyal viewer of the Mickey Mouse Club, and my favorite part were all those where you and Karen appeared, I realy liked you. And latter on, when the years pass on (1975 to be exact) I became a Carpenters Fan, and guess what, I found you there too, I do still cry about Karen, she was a great singer and person, I did learn English because of her, but was good to know that you were working with them
    Love you and nice to see you again

  • mmmmmm:

    Your drumming is so great. That’s what happens when a drummer serves the music instead of showing off his skill for its own sake!

    Did Richard write out your parts in full, or did you work them out in rehearsal?


  • HI:
    While going to okla state university in the 70s I had the chance to see the Carpenters. It was a treet for me to see you playing the drums as I grew up watching you on the MMC. From your Bio I see you have played Drums for many famous People. Keep up the good work.

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