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We will be adding pictures, videos, history and much more! Check back soon for updates and a whole new look!

28 Responses to “Welcome Friends!”

  • Looking forward to seeing your new website when its completed, and hopefully, reading your memoir!

  • marcia:

    so glad you have started this website. looking forward to the updates.

  • Now,I’m excited!Because,I found your website!
    I love your drums sounds and THE CARPENTERS.
    I’m looking forword to more updates.

    Happy Thnksgiving!

  • Tom Guest:


    I was one of those kids who saw you in Melbourne Australia in 1959. I was also in the audience during the first week of “The Producers” in NYC.

  • Nancy Abbate:

    I think the last time we ran into each other was it the Sliver Slipper? In Vegas.
    I was playing 21 and this adorable man said are you Nancy from the MMC
    I said yes…You said I’M CUBBY…WOW
    So glad to see everything looking good for you. Hope to see you at one of our Reunions
    Merry Christmas, and a great New Year!
    Nancy Abbate

  • Ray:

    Great site Cubby! I’ll bookmark it and visit as it matures!

  • After a decade as the only original Mouse site, WELCOME CUBBY, along with Annie [Annette] at her new site. Keep the sticks movin’, dude, and say HI to Hack. Now there are THREE OF US – Ears aplenty! Lonnie

  • Bill:

    In 1961, you bought my 1930 Ford Hot Rod. I loved that car, but I had to sell it because I needed the money for school. Well, I had a great time in college, but I never forgot the car. Back in those days, hot rods were for kids like us. We worked on ’em ourselves, leared about motors and pride. Now the’re for old guys like us who remember them. Today I guess you would call it a “Rat Rod”, pretty crude stuff by current standards.

    It broke my heart when you drove it away. It was like loosing a girl. Just wondering, again as I have many times, what happened to her. Thanks.

  • TOM:

    Cubby – I remember the days at Babcock with your dad Hack – he was a great teacher as was Warren your brother who substituted when your dad got tendonitis. I had a chance to audition for the Mouseketeers when you decided to leave and start your own career (scotchplaid drums and all) but being a bit older than you, 16, I felt the mouse ears would not work too well as a personal fashion statement. BIG MISTAKE. Anyway everyone knew you would be successful – you had your own band at 10 – and could do that great double hand twirl with your sticks – even then. You’ve always had a crisp, snappy sound that really picks up on any melody.

    PS: I hope Hack is well – and truly, he was an inspiring teacher as I’m sure you know.

    • I can’t believe it has been 50 years since it all began with that little Dixie Land Band! My dad is living in San Diego near Warren. They are both doing fine. My dad will be 96 in January. I will pass on your message to my dad, I know he will enjoy reading it.
      Thanks for sharing your memories Tom

  • Sherry Alberoni:

    Love you & your website Cubby!

  • Michael Smyth:

    Hi Cubby.

    Im very happy that I ran into your website. Looking for more great things to come from your sit. Keep up the good work, you and the Mouseketeers have brougth alot of joy to all of us.

  • Bonnie:

    Hi Cubby — so glad to see you have a website started. Lonnie told me that you and Annette were finally on the ‘web’. Looking forward to checking both of your sites out. Good luck from a fan of the Mouseketters since 1955!!!

  • Stephanie:

    Hello Cubby,
    Wonderful to see your new site, and I’m looking forward to the updates.
    I began watching with the very first show in 1955, and still have my collection of MMC magazines. I acquired ears, blue skirt and jersey to make my tap lessons even more fun. 🙂
    Best Wishes and so glad to read the comments from other fans, and your popularity still grows. Fondly, Stephanie

  • rod owens:

    Hey Cubby,I wanted to be you soooo bad when I was a kid. I wanted to be a drummer. I got a toy drum set one Christmas and took a pencil and wrote “Cubby O’Brien Boy Drummer” on the front. Great to finally be able to tell you that. A fan always. Rod Owens

  • Julia:

    Congratulations on your website.

    Is there any hope of full-season DVD releases of the Mickey Mouse Club?

    This show is forever etched in my mind (don’t figure out my age, LOLOLOL).

    Good luck.

  • CUB – nothing new since Nov. ’10, half a years. Where are you & where is Holly?

    Sent you a copy of my memoir over a year ago – have you managed the first paragraph yet?


  • lee:

    Thanks for keeping memories of the MMC alive. I watched every show in the 50’s and love the dvd highlights over 50 years later. Congrats. on a great career and best of luck in the future. You and Karen sure were a pair!!!

  • Donna Craig:

    Hello Cubby,

    So glad for this site – thank you! I am forever a huge fan of the Carpenters. MMC is the gravy! – thank you again for this web connection, sir!

  • Hi, Cubby,
    Great to see you now have a site going like Lonnie Burr and Annette. Can’t see or hear too much about the original Mouseketeers and what they’re doing now. Have heard how you’re still artistically pounding the drums; more power to you. I’m currently working on a book about Hollywood celebrities that will contain biographies of all nine Red Team Mouseketeers plus other Disney favorites. With Lonnie’s gracious help I’ve already finished his. Best and most interesting writing project I’ve ever worked on. Anyway, can’t wait to see more upgrades on your site, Cubby. Keep up the good work!

  • Michael Smyth:

    Hi Cubby.

    Just like to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today. Keep up the good work.

  • Kenny:

    My uncle died of Leukemia and left us a Mickey Mouse Watch that was supposed to be given to an original Mouseketteer from Walt Disney himself. I guess he was given it as a gift from another Uncle but he wanted my Dad and I to have it. Anyway I would like to verify this and want to see if you have any input? I have pics of it and want to learn more about it myself.

    • Hello Kenny…could you send me a picture of the watch? I might be able to verify it…not sure if I can tell whether or not it was from Walt but I will check into it.
      Take care,

  • Michael Smyth:

    Hi Cubby.

    Just a shout-out to Annette Funicello. Today is her 69 birthday.

    Happy Birthday Annette…..

  • Michael Smyth:

    Hi Cubby.

    102 years ago today Jimmie Dodd was born. March 28 1910. Happy Birthday Jimmie.

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