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Cubby has stepped into the social networking techno world of today! If you want to connect you will get updates from the site, videos, music, photos, interviews and more!

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  • How do I know that you got my email or not? I guess you get a ton of them from people that entered a music career because of seeing you. You’ve inspired a nation. Thank you

  • Dave Goldsberry:

    I have been thinking about you lately. Are Yorkies still you dog of preferrence? I remember giving you carpet samples for them at Town & Country Floor Covering in Granada Hills. I hope all is well with you and you are doing well. I really enjoyed our time together and hope to hear from you soon.


  • Melissa Scripps:

    Hi Cubby,
    How are you? We met years ago on a QE2 cruise.
    Melissa Scripps

    • Wow…what a blast from the past. Are you still floating around on the QE2?
      I am semi retired, married and living outside of Portland.
      I wish you all the best in 2012

  • Jeanne Ball Reinhardt:

    Cubby, I remember playing “ROOK” (cardgame) at our house with you, my brother, my dad and me. Mom made the popcorn and we all played cards in the living room. You taught my brother how to play the drums. He was pretty good and played the drums for years, even in bed for such a long time! I remember Puzzles and what a beautiful horse. I remember your 1st wedding in the Canyon off Sepulveda. I remember the Owl collection that was unbelievable. Playing pool in Janice’s garage and croquet in her back yard. I will never forget when you got shingles, ouch! I looked you up when we were in NYC with no luck. We still own the house on LaCanada Way. My brother may be coming to the NW in Feb 2012. Love to hear from you. We are in Portland OR. Your pic certainly reminds me of my brother in the garage with his car! Hugs. Jeanne

  • What a memory! Thanks for sharing and I will be in touch

  • Adria Smith:

    Hi Cubby,
    I’ve been a Big Fan of yours for many years. I belong to an organization called the Disneyana Fan Club here in Orlando, Florida. Our organization would love to have you and several other Mousketeers speak at our Christmas event in December 1, 2012. We would also like to induct you as a Disneyana Fan Club Legend. Would you contact me at the emial provided?
    Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Adria Smith:

    Hi Cubby,
    I’m one of your biggest fans. I used to watch the Mickey Mouse Club every day after school. I’m still a Mousketeer at heart which is why I joined the Disneyana Fan Club. Our organization would love to make you a Disneyana Fan Club Legend at our annual event in December here in Orlando. Would you contact me at your earliest convenience so we could talk further?
    Thank you,

  • Mark Elliott:

    Hello Cubby,

    Wanted to drop in and say I was thinking of your father, Hack, and was wondering if he’s still with us today? I took drum lessons from your father for about 8 years and those memories are still with me today. Great man.

    • Mark..
      Yes, my dad is still living. He was 97 in Jan. and is still going strong. He lives in San Diego where my brother Warren also lives. My mom passed away 11 years ago and of course dad was heart broken. He still does some tapping but does not have the strength to play anymore. He walks around his building every day and takes good care of himself. He lives in a very pleasant assisted living home. He reads, keeps a journal of pictures and sayings (especially of animals) and watches Judge Judy..he’s a hoot. Thanks for checking in and I can’t wait to share with him your message. His short term memory isn’t great but he sure remembers the past. Especially his teaching and drumming days.
      Take care Mark, Cubby

      • Mark Elliott:

        Thanks for replying Cubby, it meant a lot to hear that your dad is still doing well. My first drum lesson was at 8 years old and it was at that little studio in Sun Valley. I spend years practicing on that little rubber pad and I just wanted to jump right onto the drums and bang away but Hack had a different strategy which was to learn the theory and fundamanets of drumming before moving to the drum kit. It took me many years to truly understand the reason why and this concept has helped me through my latter years in the management of people. Theory, fundamentals and then applying what you’ve learned. We’ll I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this as drumming was your career and passion.
        Again, nice hearing from you and hope all is well with you and your family. Take care.

  • Michael Smyth:

    Hey Cubby.

    Just a shout-out and to wish a Happy Birthday to Jimmie Dodd. 102 years young today.

    March 28, 1910

  • Cubby, I studied drums with your dad, Hack. Spoke with him a few years ago. He also played in my Dad’s orch. That is when your parents lived here in Norwalk, CT. I went to New Haven to see \you with my son, also a drummer, his web site (johncutrone.netl). I would love to speak with your Dad if possible. I am 90 so I still remember your Mom & Dad’s parents. I will appreciate a reply. NickCutrone

    • Hi Nick..glad to hear you are doing well. I am going to send you his phone number via your son’s e-mail so you can give him a call. I will letmy dad know that you will be calling. I am sure he is going to be really pleased to talk to you. He lives in San Diego near my brother Warren and is doing really great.
      Take Care,

  • Hey Mr. O’Brien:
    As a Disney/book nerd, I started a blog that brings stories to light about connections between Walt’s work and the printed word. It has been in hiatus for a few months but I’ve restarted it and was hoping to ask you a question or two about a piece I’ve recently come across.
    It’s a 1957 copy of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club Magazine and you’re featured in several stories (along with a couple of photos – reading Lady and the Tramp and drumming, of course). I was wondering what it was like to be part of a fanzine like that as young boy and how much real input you had into content. Thanks so much for any comments you might have, from a fellow Washingtonian.
    Brian Christopher

  • chris:

    Hi Mr Cubby how are you im a big fan of the mickey mouse club from the 50s ur my favorite mousekteer im only 20 and i like to watch the mickey mouse club .

  • Bob Williams:

    Greetings and hey Cubby, I knew you when we went to Glenwood Elemtery together. I was just surfing through the web and saw your name and came to the Cubby O’brien site. I left Sun Valley Shortly after you started with the Mickey Mouse Club. I was back in Sun Valley many years ago and the school was still there. Looking back on memories do you remember living under the approach
    to the Burbank airport and the P-38 that crashed close to your house back in 55,56?
    It’s good to see you’re still tapping out the beat my friend, take care and keep on keepin on


  • Tim Irwin:

    Hi Cubby,
    I was actually born after the original “Mickey Mouse Club” ended, but I watched reruns for years in the 70’s and 80’s. You were always my favorite Mouseketeer and really cute. I’m enjoying this site. It brings back a lot of childhood memories!! I’m hoping they will release the complete series on DVD.

  • John Tydings Nix, II:

    Hi Cubby I enjoyed watching the originial mickey mouse club on dvd. My father watched it on tv he was born in 1941.

  • John Tydings Nix, III:

    Hi Cubby. My dad grew up watching you on tv and I watched the dvd. What was your favorite scene/episode of the mmc?

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