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Personal Drummer

  • Bernadette Peters (1968-Present)
  • Andy Williams
  • Debbie Reynolds
  • The Smother Brothers
  • Connie Francis
  • Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme
  • Ben Vereen
  • The Mouseketeers
  • Shirley MacLaine (4 years)
  • Ann-Margaret
  • Olivia Newton-John
  • Juliet Prowse
  • John Davidson
  • Shields & Yarnell
  • The Carpenters (1972-1981)
  • Suzanne Somers
  • Joel Grey
  • Lawrence Welk
  • The Spike Jones Band
  • Peter Allen
  • Pia Zadora

Musical Stage

  • Annie Get Your Gun (New York City, 1999-2000)
  • Beauty and the Beast (Tour, 1998-1999)
  • Chicago (Tour, 2005)
  • Gypsy (New York City, 2003-2004)
  • Hair (Los Angeles; musical director, drummer)
  • Oh Calcutta! (Los Angeles; musical director, drummer)
  • The Producers (New York City, 2001-2003)
  • Siegfried & Roy (Las Vegas, Tokyo; drummer)
  • West Side Story (Tour, 1995-1997)

Orchestral Appearances

  • The Boston Pops-Appearances with the Carpenters, Bernadette Peters and Andy Williams
  • Guest Symphony Appearances-U.S.: Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Los Angeles, Minnesota (Minneapolis), Oregon (Portland), Phoenix, St.Louis, Seattle. International: London, Toronto

Television (Weekly; On Staff)

  • The Mickey Mouse Club (ABC, 1955-1959)
  • The Lawrence Welk Show (ABC, 1959-1961)
  • The Carol Burnett Show (CBS, 1967-1973)
  • The Wacky World of Jonathan Winters (Synd.,1972-1974)
  • The Jim Nabors Hour (CBS, 1969-1971)
  • The Julie Andrews Hour (ABC, 1972-1973)

Movie Soundtracks

  • Candy (1968)
  • Change of Habit (1969)
  • Grease (1978)
  • Gypsy (1962)

Television Specials

  • The Carpenters (2 Specials)
  • Lynda Carter
  • Cher (summer show)
  • John Davidson
  • Ford Motor Co. 75th Anniversary
  • Hallelujah Hollywood
  • Happy Days
  • Bob Hope 50th Anniversary
  • Lena Horne
  • Liza (Minnelli) & Goldie (Hawn)
  • The Love Boat
  • Ann-Margaret
  • Mickey Mouse Club 25th Anniversary
  • Marie Osmond
  • Diana Ross On Broadway
  • Shields & Yarnell
  • The Supremes
  • Andy Williams Christmas

Awards Shows

  • Academy Awards (5 years)
  • Ace Awards
  • American Music Awards
  • Emmy Awards
  • Grammy Awards
  • Tony Awards

Talk Shows

  • Good Morning America
  • Mike Douglas
  • Merv Griffin
  • Dinah Shore
  • The Late Show with David Letterman
  • The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

Television Pre-Recordings

  • The Carpenters- Christmas Album; Live with the London Symphony; Top of the World (hit singles)
  • Bernadette Peters- Bernadette Peters Sings Rodgers & Hammerstein; Live at Carnegie Hall; Live at the Sydney Opera House; Live at Symphony Hall, London.

Industrial Shows

  • Anheuser-Busch
  • Ford Motor Co.
  • Cadillac Division, General Motors
  • Pontiac Division, General Motors
  • SHARE Benefit Show (8 years)
  • Warner Brothers re-dedication
  • American Broadcasting Co. (ABC) Affiliates

24 Responses to “Biography”

  • Dawn Casey:

    Hey…how are things going??

  • Janet Miller:

    Cubby – sooooooo great to see your new website so “we” fans can keep up on your new adventures and refresh are memories of THE BEST of the BEST!!! You’re a delight!

    • It is very exciting to still have fans after 55 years. My new website adventure should be a lot of fun for all of us! If you are ever in San Francisco, you must go to the Disney Family Museum located in the Precidio. I just did a presentation there with Bobby and Sharon…good times.
      Thanks for being a Mouse-ka-fan Janet

      • Marc Schultz:

        Cubby- It was fun following your career after serving with you in the National Guard many many years ago….Thank you for taking my MOS tests. It was fun driving with you to San Luis Obispo each summer camp……Those were the days…..I suppose that Jim Caruso is long gone……
        Are you still into horses? Years have passed, but memories are forever……

        So much for the 240th Army National Guard Band……LOL……..

        Life goes on……

  • Mark Hummel:

    Cubby –

    Fun! Your career – quite a ride, huh? I send you a big hug and wishing you a great holiday season, friend.

    ~Mark Hummel

  • Sherry Alberoni:

    Love the website ~ it’s great!
    Love you dear friend!

  • Kay Mead:

    Hey Holly and Cubby,

    It was such a tremendous treat to meet You both at Christmas time. Cubby in his pretty red sweater 🙂
    I knew we’d meet eventually, But the timing couldn’t have been better for me…What a perfect end to this year 🙂
    my address is 1217 S. 8th St.
    Cottage Grove, Or. 97424
    Of course don’t post his one I’ll do another for you to post.

  • Kay Mead:

    It was such a treat to meet Cubby and his wife Holly, a few days before Christmas 🙂
    What a perfect end to this year.
    Thanks to both of you for the hugs 🙂

    ps. My friend Barb is really jealous I got to meet him first.

  • Barbara Stayton:

    Hi cubby.
    My friend Kay tokld me that she met you. I am so envious…but I’ve known you longer. I grew up with you when I was a kid. I watched the show faithfully for years. I wish I could have met all of you mouseketeer’s. However you are all still in my heart. Thank You for many many hours of entertainment.
    Best Wishes and God’s Blessings
    Barbara ~~
    Ps. could I get a picture too ??? Reply and I will send my address. Thank You

  • Bonnie:

    Dear Cubbie – thanks for starting you website and look forward to visiting often.

  • -:; I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives up to date information `-:

  • rod owens:

    Hey Cubby, I wanted to be you sooooo bad when I was growing up. Wanted to be a drummer. Got a toy set of drums for Christmas one year and took a pencil and wrote “Cubby O’Brien, Boy Drummer” on the front. Great after all these years to be able to tell you that. A fan always!!
    Rod Owens

  • Bill Worden:

    Hi Cubby! I’m an upstate NY News Anchor and acquaintance of Lonnie Burr. Who knew, as a 12 year old, myself, sitting in front of the TV watching my favorite show, that I would someday be able to communicate with the original Mouseketeers. Ain’t technology great?!
    Was a professional drummer myself for years. So glad to see your impressive resume’. Still consider the loss of Karen Carpenter one of the biggest blows to the music industry in history. What a talent she was. Glad you go to work with her.

  • Donna Craig:

    Cubby – you rock and always will! I am a huge and forever fan of the Carpenters and am pushing for their inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – hope to see you playing an the induction!

  • Hi Cubby,
    I’m exactly your age and pretty much owe my entire music career as a drummer, and guitar player mostly now, to watching you on the Mickey Mouse Club everyday after school. You inspired me to take drum lessons from the legendary Bill Zickos when I was 9, and here I am still playing and producing music. Thank you for the great moments that you gave us and the inspiration to pursue music as a career. I live in Northern California and I’d love to meet you someday, and maybe even be able to record a tune with you. Thank you, John Rewind

  • Kevin McCourt:

    Hello Cubby, It’s great to be able to visit. I found you via Lonnie’s site. I’m retired Army, and have always wondered about your stint in uniform. If no one has said it yet, thanks for serving. All my best, Kevin (in Dallas)

  • Susan Ramey:

    Hi Cubby,
    Is there any online video of you on the Mickey Mouse Club playing drums – particularly Hey Cubby Boy?

  • eurnice roundtree:

    Nice website – looks good. Miss touching base for catch ups. Have been on extensive travel. Hope you’re happily married and the yorkies are well. You’ll always be my favorite mousekeeter. So many sweet memories of friendship. Happy holidays and all the best in 2012. Xox

  • Bonnie Monahan:

    My husband is Martin Monahan’s son Clark from Detroit Michigan. You developed a drum pad with him that we still have copies of!! Also, our son is also a drummer and learned the drum rolls on that pad. Do you have any memories of Martin the family would appreciate? Thank you, he has been gone a long time. I never had the priviledge of knowing him but we always tried to encourage our kids musically in part because of Martin’s great love of music. Thank you.

  • Rob M:

    Hi Cubby
    I’ve been a very big Mous ka fan for years! I have a pair of the original Mouskateer ears and collect many MMC items.. You should see my china hutch! lol!!! In 1990, my life changed when I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive I have to have help to sit up and all that but I live my life to the fullest . I even had the pleasure of writing to Annette and shared my MS Story with her, and six weeks later, I got a response back from Annette. She told me that things happen for a reason, and to be positive and life life to the fullest. She told me to keep in touch with her. she really cared deeply for her fans… I will never forget that letter. I am also a classically trained pianist and cellist, but now sometimes I play sometimes I don’t. so what do I do? I put on a DVD tape of the MMC and it makes me feel better.

    Thank you for letting me write you. I am a big big fan of the Mouskateers and in the day of me working as a flight attendant, I had the pleasure of meeting bobby Burgess. Have a MOUSKAWOW day Cubby….thank you again.

    Rob M
    Seattle, WA

  • Pete precious:

    Hi Cubby I am a Uk based professional drummer and london college of music examiner and teacher. I just wanted to say you were. Total inspiration to me growing up and I first came across you playing with the carpenters.
    did you use Any tutor books for technique co ordination or styles analysis ?
    many thanks
    Best wishes
    Peter Precious

  • Fred Brooks:

    Hay Carl remember me? Fred Brooks. We went to school together at Glenwood Elementary before you left for the Disney studios.

  • Chris Gordon:

    Hi Cubby!

    I last saw you in the early sixties when we played Whiffle Ball Home Run Derby on the street where I lived in North Hollywood. I saw your dad and mom in 1987 at my dad’s funeral, it was wonderful to see them. Hack brought me up to date with news about you, I was always hoping we would meet again. When we briefly lived with you in Sun Valley in 1956, I was mistaken for you often by the kids across the street at Glenwood Elementary School! You were always an inspiration to me and I enjoyed our few boyhood times together. Congratulations on your continued success after The Mouse Club.

    Best wishes from an old friend, Chris

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